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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book lessons?

If you would like to book any lessons, please call us directly or contact us by email. We can arrange lessons and times around your availability. One your first lesson, thats it, its that simple.

Related Questions

Question: How many lessons will it take to be ready for my test?
Answer: The average time is 6-8 months. At the end of the day, this is down to your own pace. Some pupils can easily manage in two months others 2 years.
Question: Do you do automatic lessons and intensive courses?
Answer: Yes, but only on arrangement. Please call us to discuss the prices and options.
Question: How do I apply for my driving license?
Answer: You can obtain the forms from your local post office. Once the forms are completed and submitted the DVLA will issue you with a provisional driving license.
Question: I'd Like to Learn in an Automatic, is this a sensible idea?
Answer: We'd recommend to start with a “manual” then see how it goes. If you have passed your driving test in an automatic, you may only drive automatic cars. This restricts your ability and choice of vehicle in the future. Where as with a manual you can drive both. Obviously manual’s don’t suit everyone, and if you should choose an automatic a car can be arranged as per your preferences.
Question: Can I pay for lessons online?
Answer: Yes, You can pay for lessons online on by adding the lesson package you want and processing the payment through paypal. We use paypal because of its secure and common method of dealing with payments.

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