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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need before I can undertake an Intensive Course?

You should already have passed your practical test, and ideally be familar with basic car controls.

Related Questions

Question: When do your intensive driving courses run?
Answer: Generally, we can book lessons any time of the day to suit the customer. Our intensive courses normally run in 3-4 hour blocks acting as half days and are often booked between 8am till 12pm with an hours lunch before starting the afternoon session.
Question: What are the advantages of having intensive driving courses?
Answer: Personal style and preferences are a major factor, but generally pupils looking for intensive driving courses find that one-hour lessons taken once a week have made it difficult to make progress. By placing many lessons together, or having more lessons in blocks pupils have felt they make better progress during the lesson.
Question: How many lessons do I need?
Answer: Different levels of skill, ability and confidence are all factors, everybody is different and each person will have different training needs that need addressing. Often the number of lessons quoted will be anywhere between 30-60 hours, with the average around 40-45. Other factors often dictating the time are number of lessons per week, and how regular the lessons are.
Question: For the intensive courses can i pay monthly with direct debit or is it a big one off payment?
Answer: Its not a service we offer normally. However, as long as the course is paid in full before any lessons are given we can normally accommodate.

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