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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I apply for a Theory test appointment?

Been prepared will save you time and money, but you should seek advice from you're instructor before booking.

Related Questions

Question: When was the theory test introduced?
Answer: The written theory test for learner drivers started on 1st July 1996 and is an essential prerequisite to the practical test.
Question: Is it possible toI take my Practical Test before the Theory Test?
Answer: After 1st January 1997, a mechanism was introduced to enfore the completiton of the Theory test before you can book for a practical test.

Question: What should I take with me to the Theory exam?
Answer: Make sure that you have all the necessary documents you will need to bring with you for your test appointment. You are required to supply your signed driving licence and suitable photographic ID, or both parts of your signed photocard licence, and your appointment card or booking number.

Non-compliance will result in you not been able to take your test and you'll lose your fee.

Question: I have trouble reading and writing. Can I have help?
Answer: Candidates with special needs are able to make arrangements for allowances and/or aural versions of the questions. You are required to give details of this when you apply for your test.
Question: What is the procedure for applying to take the Theory test?
Answer: First, you must obtain a Provisional Driving Licence.

Then you are required to pass two tests. The Theory Test and the Driving Test.

Application form for the provisional license can be obtained from either your local instructor, local post office or from the DVLA direct on 0870 240 0009.

Although you can start your driving lessons as soon as you have your provisional driving and are above the required age limtes by law, you cannot book the driving test until you have passed the theory test.

The Theory Test is in two parts, Theory and Hazard Perception.

You can book the Theory test online with the DVLA or via the following number 0870 0101 372.

It is advised you discuss if you area ready to take the test with your instructor who will be in an ideal position to help and assist you in your training.
Question: Can I take my theory test before I am 17?
Answer: No, You must be 17 and must hold a provisional license.
Question: Can i take a pratice theory online?
Answer: No. You must take your theory test at an approved Test Center

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