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Learner Driver Insurance

Many Learners are challenged by driving and parents and other drivers can help in the education of new pupils.

However, to allow learner drivers the full experience they need to behind the wheel. Driving lesson are an excellent way for pupils to gain new skills. However, not all pupils can have lessons and keep those skills toped up during gaps or absences from lessons.

Drivers can add Learners on to there own insurance policy's, however that comes with a risk to the insurance own policy and no claims discounts. Any accidents will count against the policy holder.

An insurance company called Collingwood have created a solution to this problem, buy creating there own fully comprehensive insurance policy which a learner can take out against anyone else's car. That way you can practise as and when you need it!

Learner Driver Insurance

Do you wish to know more? Visit Collingwood Insurance Today! You'll be surprised how little it can costs in comparison to adding learner drivers to other insurance policies.

Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance

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