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Intensive Driving Courses

Our intensive courses are able to help you get to the standard able to pass your driving test in 1 week, this is of course dependant on skill and personal ability so may not always be the best course of action for all learners.

Our course tuition is taken on a One-to-One basis, this means that during your lessons the instructor will be concentrating there time on getting the learner ready for there test and the challenges of the open road will present. This intensive type learning can makes it possible for learners to learn to drive and be at a standard ready to pass the practical test.

In cases where intensive course suit the pupil, it is possible to pass the practical driving test with about 5 days tuition rather than by learning over many months taking just 1 or 2 hours of driving lessons every week with other driving schools and can sometimes be beneficial to the wallet.

The success that our intensive courses is because of our instructors understanding learner drivers their needs, and evaluating both strengths and weeknesses, and how to prepare them for today's busy roads, enabling them to be ready for their driving test.

Courses can be taken around the driving test centres where your exam will take place, mainly based around the Solihull / South Birmingham area.

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