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The Pass Plus

The pass plus course is designed and structured to make new drivers more aware and become better drivers. The intangible skills gained from this education have been recognised by many insurance companies, and some offer discounts to drivers who have successfully completed these courses.

This course (minimum 6 hours, each covering one module) is designed by the Driving Standard's Agency and is supported by the Insurance Industry. The Pass Plus scheme provides additional experience, re-enforcing the skills learnt, providing positive driving skills in a structured and controlled environment that would otherwise take a long time to acquire.

1. Introduction
2. All Weather Driving
3. Night Driving
4. Town Driving
5. Rural Driving
6. Dual Carriageway/Motorway Driving

As there is no additional test to take after completing the Pass Plus course, you will be evaluated by your driving instructor, whom when satisfied with your performance, will present a certificate advising of your completion.

It is possible to present this certificate to some insurance companies who are able to offer considerable savings for completing this course.

The course is recommended for newly qualified drivers and upon completion drivers will receive a certificate proving the completion of the course.

A list of insurance companies that support the pass plus scheme are listed on the Official Pass Plus Web site. Click here to visit the website and find more.

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