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The Theory Test

In the last few years, drivers learning to drive have had to contend with 2 additional elements as part of the learning process in becoming a qualified driver. Each element is designed to increase the level of awareness and skills for drivers to become safer drivers.

As from the 3rd September 2007 the theory test for cars and motorcycles has increased the number of questions from 35 to 50. This increase is designed to develop higher driving standards and maximise the test’s potential for road safety and other benefits. The maximum time allowed to complete the multiple choice questions part of the test will be 57 minutes and candidates will need to achieve a pass mark of at least 43 correct responses out of 50. The fee will also increase from £21.50 to £28.50.

The Hazard perception test introduced during 2002 is 15 short clips with an available 5 points per clip, making a maximum total of 75 points and a required pass mark of 44. The hazard perception test is designed to accelerate the skills of the inexperienced driver, aiming to educate the driver to read the conditions of the road and the hazards that it presents.

It is a requirement that any person taking the practical test must have already passed the theory.

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